The ENLITEN project on household energy behaviours and energy consumption reduction has been collecting a range of data (~10 sensors/household) every 5 minutes from ~70 houses in Exeter since September 2014.  These data are stored in a mysql database on the BUCS servers.  ENLITEN, like many other projects, needs to preserve its data for other researchers to access after the project has finished and after all the researchers employed on the project have left.  SQL table descriptions provide a form of documentation, but the semantics of the data are only present in human ascriptions to the names of the fields.  Furthermore, the SQL structure imposes requirements on any potential user to import the data into a compatible SQL database platform.  The aim of this project is to explore how to lift the data to a semantically annotated form by the creation of a semantic layer of open-linked data (OLD) and to develop the tools to migrate SQL/CSV data automatically to semantic OLD along with accompanying semantic metadata, while preserving the underlying data representations.  A benchmark outcome would be the facility to demonstrate SPARQL queries over a semantically annotated interface to samples of ENLITEN data.   The project will be partially supervised in conjunction with Sukumar Natarajan (Architecture) and Cathy Pink (University’s Research Data Scientist).


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