ENLITEN related projects


ENLITEN stands for ENergy LIteracy Through an Intelligent Home ENergy Advisor. It is a multi-disciplinary collaborative research project between the Universities of Bath and Oxford. The aim of the project is to reduce carbon emissions from energy use within buildings by understanding, incentivising and influencing changes in the habitual behaviours of the buildings’ occupants.

Sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, motion and noise in three rooms have been installed in 70 houses in Exeter. For each household, there are also sensors which measure the energy consumption of three most frequently used appliances and the general energy consumption of the household.

A whole building energy model is being developed by bringing together the building, energy and occupant models. This will underpin the design, development and evaluation of an in-building interactive tool to help the occupants identify and break poor energy habits and form better ones. The tool will provide customised, actionable prompts rather than numerical energy estimates, which are poorly understood by occupants. See http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/enliten/ for more details.

Original proposals are welcome, but here are some possibilities for undergraduate project related to ENLITEN:

  1. Institutional modelling of domestic energy consumption from the perspective of the social norms underlying energy usage: comprises both comfort-related energy behaviour such as temperature, light and CO2 level and appliances usage norms
  2. Develop a model of interaction between social norms and individual domestic energy usage behaviour; the model will empower virtual agents that can reason about the behaviour of human actors and tailor adequate interventions
  3. Develop a feedback reasoning algorithm for the in-building interactive tool whic will influence occupants behaviour; the feedback may address either energy literacy or energy usage related social norms and practices
  4. Occupant activity inference ontology based on sensor data from the houses; the ontology can then be used to infer high level concepts and occupant behaviour based on low-level sensor data.
  5. Develop a browser prototype of an interface for the in-building interactive tool: identify possible interfaces and test users’ preferences with the help of a survey; this project implies subsequent data collection with real participants (either a sample for a survey or a smaller focus group sample)
  6. Carry out a small-scale version of the ENLITEN project in student housing on campus, using data from the campus metering system, raspberry-pi based environment sensors and appliance monitors. Develop an Android app to display the live data on a phone or tablet. Connect this with the Student Switch-off campaign. DONE BY BEN BIRI FYP 2014-15

Skills very much depend on the project and on individual interests and ambition. General requirements that hold for all projects are basic programming skills and interest in the energy domain.


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