Policies (and laws) increasingly need be reflected in software systems as systems are increasingly viewed holistically to comprise software and humans. Likewise, compliance needs to be demonstrated through a kind of unit and integration testing that applies to the requirements, not just the design. Hard-coding policy (etc.) into software is undesirable because it means (a) high-level requirements have to be translated into what can be expressed at some low-level in code (b) maintenance is problematic and (c) representations of multiple policies are likely to be distributed across the system, leading to low cohesion and high coupling.

The purpose of this project is to develop and implement the idea of policy as a service by constructing a web service factory that can deploy RESTful services (representing policies) and to develop a validation methodology and supporting software like JUnit/PHPUnit etc.

Essential: strong programming skills in a variety of languages;
Desirable: knowledge of web services and networking;


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