Quadcopters can be seen as a form of robot that can move in three dimensions. Of course, this complicates a lot of things, navigation especially, but there are also gains in that it can be easier to approximate the location of the robot relatively accurately after a movement, because there are fewer mechanical interactions (such as friction) affecting motion. There are potentially a large number of projects that can be put forward around the problems – and opportunities – created by UAVs, hence this generic project proposal. Here are some specific ideas, some of which may overlap, but other proposals are welcome:

  • Steering multiple UAVs using gesture and providing usable feedback to a human operator (but see 2013/14 projects by Paul Johnson and Jack Franklin first)
  • Convoy creation and management with UAVs
  • Feeding stations for UAVs to recharge themselves
  • Vision analysis for SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping)
  • Surveying of buildings by automatic flight plan construction – needs on-the-fly (!) adaptation to capture complicated features (builds on 2013/14 project by David Paris)
  • Registration of visible and infra-red images to construct thermal surveys of buildings
  • Mapping the YAdrone API to work with the mikrokopter flight controller (NEW!)

The supervision team for these projects includes: Matt Brown, Julian Padget. Others tbc.


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